Saturday, August 20, 2011

WolfSong Sanctuary: A Safe Haven for Wolves

Native Americans say that wolves
taught the first people how to be people.
Their lessons were simple:
Mate for life.
Care for your children.
Teach them useful skills and respect.
Be loyal to family.
WolfSong Sanctuary is dedicated to saving the lives of wolf hybrids. These unique and beautiful animals are “near wolves” — 94 to 98% wolf and first generation crosses who have no place in either the domesticated world or the wild.   Home to sixty hybrids and growing, WolfSong Sanctuary hosts tours of the sanctuary and offers talks and presentations on wolves and wolf preservation.
At WolfSong, visitors of all ages can view, touch and feed the wolves.  The Sanctuary’s Director, Deirdre Wolf (yes, that’s really her name) even provides transportation to the site, located in the mountains north of Silver City, New Mexico.

The wolves of WolfSong Sanctuary have arrived here after lives of abuse and near-death. Some were scheduled for euthanasia, others beaten and abandoned. The Sanctuary offers them a new life in a pack of their own, safe on Sanctuary land  where they’re free to roam in safety, enjoying human and animal company and the occasional treat or two. Like wolves in the wild, WolfSong’s residents are shy and non-aggressive toward humans.
WolfSong Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization, supported by volunteers and donations. The Sanctuary provides a home for those who have no other refuge, and keeps the magic of the wild alive and open to all.  It needs your help to survive.    To donate, or for more information,  contact the Sanctuary at:
PO Box 330
Silver City, New Mexico 88062